I’m Back!!!

Whew! It feels like it has been such a long time since I have spoken with you all! Between online exams, pushing myself to take more than 15 classes a week, summer academic plans and keeping up with my lifelines (family/friends)…things have been a little crazy! Through trial and error as well as simple observation, I have continued to learn so much.

One thing I have found incredible important is not only knowing who you are (as I have spoken about in previous blogs) but knowing how to speak about yourself. Coming into LA I was definitely a person who would let my name be pronounced incorrectly, be afraid to be vocal about the specificity of my dreams and honestly afraid to talk too much about myself for fear of being selfish. However, through conversation with my amazing mother and teachers I came to realize how foolish that was. How can casting directors remember me if they don’t know my name? What if an opportunity presents itself but I have never shared my training? How can I say I know I’m meant to be an artist if I’m not confident enough to say what my specific desires are? Not only have I discovered myself, but I have also discovered the importance of sharing who I am and what I want with those around me. That being said, I would like to share with you all.

Professionally, I know I have always desired to be a touring dancer. I genuinely have no problem living out of my suitcase and love performing, so to combine the two only makes sense for me! I also truly have loved my experiences in film and commercials, so to combine acting and dance is something I would also truly love to do.

Personally (and lastly) I would like to share a video very close to my heart. Though some of you may have seen this video, I am choosing to re-share it at this time. Though it was performed before I reached LA, I feel this video is an example of how dance has been a voice for me. Please enjoy and talk to you guys again on Sunday!





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